Karley Denoon 


Karley has spent more than a decade helping thousands of patients navigate complex health concerns in her practice as a primary care physician and Naturopathic Doctor. She is the founder and until recently, was the medical director of a clinic that is home to ten skilled practitioners serving the East Kootenays of British Columbia. She was recruited by Canada’s first biohacking facility, Aeon Future Health, to develop their medical screening programs and help open their doors. She sits on the board of Arnica Foundation, which supports the mission to invest in adolescent girls and young women to help them grow into emotionally strong and powerful adults.

Early in her career she realized that there was more to being healthy than the sum of the parts that medicine teaches. This set her on a path to explore a deeper relationship with her Wise Woman and inner wisdom. Her connection to nature and the sacred order of life has given her the wisdom and strength to navigate life’s challenges.

Karley has a knack for her ability to quickly process, synthesize and execute vast amounts of information through a unique lens which includes intuition and heart. Her innate connection with the natural world allows her to stay grounded and in check, whether serving patients within medicine or guiding her team in the corporate world. She is known for bringing fresh ideas to the table, inspires and uplifts with her sense of humour, and as a natural leader, guides her team to turn challenges into opportunities.

Karley lives on a farm with her family where they raise livestock, have a huge garden and enjoy being able to ski out through the backyard gate.