Seraphina Capranos


For more than half of her life, Seraphina has been teaching and practicing healing arts. A serious injury as a teen quickly changed the direction of her life and made her determined to understand the forces that give rise to healing. This threw her into devoted studies with notable teachers and mentors, who quickly recognized she was made to be a teacher and share wisdom with others. She has spent a life exploring the forces of nature, and how aligning to these forces contributes to not just physical well-being but also energetic and spiritual health.  It was these early, formative years from crisis to health that fostered her trust in the innate wisdom of the body’s wisdom.

She has had the privilege of undergoing apprenticeship with gifted teachers such as Elizabeth Hammond and Liz Forrest. Seraphina is an initiated priestess, and underwent a 10 year shamanic apprenticeship in the Toltec Tradition. Her unique blend of gifts straddle the vast worlds of plant medicine, homeopathy, ritual and ceremonial magic.

As well as being a deeply engaging teacher and speaker, she has been in clinical practice on Salt Spring Island since 2004. She is a sought after international teacher having taught across the US, Canada and Europe.

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