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From the Wild Edge

An 8-week roadmap to release fear, trust yourself and understand your body.  This course is a combination of self-paced, and weekly lessons plus LIVE 60-minutes sessions twice a week.

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Natural Family

Care Kit

 Drawing from 20 years of clinical experience, Seraphina shares herbal protocols and her favorite homeopathic remedies addressing common conditions that can be safely treated at home. Included in your purchase is a beautiful 70-page downloadable resource book with companion videos.  The resource covers twenty common health conditions such as cough, fever, ear infections and a wide variety of first aid conditions. The resource consists of recipes, dosage charts, quick reference guides, and a detailed shopping list to build your own Natural First Aid Kit.


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The Timeless Art of Harvesting


Learn to harvest wild and cultivated herbs for maximum yield and optimal medicinal usage. Capture the bounty of your garden no matter the size of your harvesting plot. This class addresses harvesting best practices, drying, storage, and unique instructions on how to best handle roots, seeds, flowers and aerial parts.

Included in your purchase is a beautifully designed, downloadable 80-page ebook with recipes, harvesting charts, a chapter on harvesting by the moon cycle, the movement of time and so much more.


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The Bundle


This bundle includes The Natural Family Care Kit and The Timeless Art of Harvesting Class, at a 15% discount.

This bundle is a grounding dose of earth wisdom. Learn how to fill your own medicine chest with the Harvesting Class guiding you on how to harvest herbs for optimal medicinal value, and The Natural Family Care Kit instructs you on how to make your own medicine, then how to use it, for 20 different common conditions.

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Coming Home


This program is an antidote to modern day anxiety and a sober response to the crisis of our times. Resource and energize yourself in a community program that reminds you of who you are underneath the noise of everyday life. Re-connect to your deep inner knowing, your purpose, and your ability to self-regulate. Envision who you want to be today, tomorrow, and for future generations.  Nudge your nervous system back home to a regulated rhythm so you can have the life you are meant to live. 

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This time of great change is asking us to become grounded leaders in our own community, family and workplace.

This program provides the map to build a life of meaning and interconnected awareness required to rebuild, and remember our humanity.

Structure: This is an 8-week program with live weekly virtual sessions: comprehensive workbook, audio meditations and an active community forum.

Accepting applications in August 2023.

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