Full Moon Ritual

May 05, 2023
The Center for Sacred Arts
Full Moon Ritual

Each full moon, stand outside, or near a window, and practice this simple ritual to fill up with the power and radiance of the moon, with this Drawing Down The Moon ritual. 
You do not need any special equipment, nor any fancy ingredients. Just an open mind, a willing heart, and a love for the mystery and beauty of the ancient moon that lights up our sky, creates tides for our oceans, and influences migration of birds, sleep cycles and menstrual cycles. 
This simple practice is one small way to feel more connected to the rhythms of the moon, your body, and our place in the sacred web of life. 

With love, 


Step out of the Chaos

This free 10-minute Meditation will leave you grounded, calm and empowered.

Led by 20-year ritualist Seraphina Capranos.