New Moon Ritual

May 19, 2023
The Center for Sacred Arts
New Moon Ritual

Happy New Moon!


Each new moon is a beautiful time to let yourself reset, refresh and clarify your intention for the month ahead. It is a time of pure potential. In just a few days as the moon starts to grow, give yourself a sacred pause for this ritual meditation to nourish your body, heart and psyche, with this radiant new moon energy.

Following the lunar cycles is a simple, and beautiful way to feel our place in the natural world. Human beings are nature not just connected to it, we are tied to the natural cycles and seasons of life, and that includes the moon.

Enjoy soaking up the beauty and grace of the natural forces of life, that flow through the moon. Let yourself feel the bounty of receiving from life itself, and speak your intentions into the web of mystery that orchestrates the blooming of the Rose, the butterfly from its cocoon, the migration of birds and the synchronicities that emerge in your life, too.

I recommend having a journal nearby to record your reflections.
May your month be Blessed.
With Love,

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